Exterior Wall Consulting

Exterior Wall Consulting

We provide technical support in the Design, Testing, and Evaluation of Exterior Wall Systems. Failure Analysis and identification and isolation of Failure Mechanisms is our expertise. Specializing in stucco, EIFS, brick masonry, and curtain walls, we have renovated condominiums, commercial buildings, and hotels throughout the US.


We conduct comprehensive building evaluations to identify problem areas in the wall and window components. Infrared moisture surveys use the latest sensing technology to locate wet insulation, voids and thermal bridging due to moisture infiltration and energy loss.


Our expertise allows us the knowledge to provide performance testing of windows, rails, and doors. Specifically with our condominium clients along the Gulf of Mexico, leaks in windows and sliding glass doors are always an issue that needed to be solved. In addition, the rail systems always needed to be evaluated to ensure that they satisfy the safety requirements of the FL building code. We provide the required railing inspections.


Even if we were not the Engineer of Record for the restoration project, it is always beneficial to have a third party provide quality assurance of the work to ensure that it is being done according to manufacturer’s installation instruction, and in accordance with industry standards. We ensure that the building Owners get the quality of construction that they should.

exterior wall consulting


Technical excellence is at the heart of our values. Our staff leads the profession in technical capabilities and achievements. Credentials include Professional Engineer (PE), Registered Waterproofing Consultant (RWC), Registered Exterior Wall Consultant (REWC), Registered Building Envelope Consultant (RBEC), Certified IR Thermographer (CEI) among others.


We strive to stay at the forefront of technology, products, and testing in our field. Through extensive forensic testing and building failure analysis, as well as continuing education we are familiar with the most current and up to date innovations in our field to provide our clients the highest level of Building Envelope Consulting.


Our extensive expertise with all different types of clients from building Owners to the consulting for the General Contractors who build new construction building, we understand the different levels of services and consulting that our clients need.