Contract Administration

Contract Administration

During construction or restoration projects, we provide construction observations, review of payment applications, change orders, project oversight and other miscellaneous contract administration services required by our clients.


RJH is sought out by attorneys for both plaintiffs and defendants involved in various types of construction litigation. We are experienced and have obtained the credentials necessary to provide forensic studies, expert testimony and litigation support for construction related disputes related to many issues pertaining to the exterior building envelope, waterproofing, and curtain wall design and construction matters.


Our expertise allows us the knowledge to provide performance testing of windows, rails, and doors. Specifically with our condominium clients along the Gulf of Mexico, leaks in windows and sliding glass doors are always an issue that needed to be solved. In addition, the rail systems always needed to be evaluated to ensure that they satisfy the safety requirements of the FL building code. We provide the required railing inspections.


Even if we were not the Engineer of Record for the restoration project, it is always beneficial to have a third party provide quality assurance of the work to ensure that it is being done according to manufacturer’s installation instruction, and in accordance with industry standards. We ensure that the building Owners get the quality of construction that they should.